2017 W Vernon AvenueKinston, NC 28504
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2016-17 District Profile

Total Count


Average Number of Students by School Type

ElementaryMiddleHighK-12 SchoolK-8 School
Lenoir County Public S45051164369872
North Carolina490629853565455

Average Class Size by Grade

KindergartenGrade 1Grade 2Grade 3Grade 4Grade 5Grade 6Grade 7Grade 8
Lenoir County Public S191818182021222222
North Carolina191919192121222122

Average Course Size by Subject

BiologyEnglish IIMath I
Lenoir County Public S171818
North Carolina181820

2016-17 Overall Performance

  Note - To protect student privacy, any percentage that is greater than or equal to 95% appears as 95%, and any value less than 5% will not appear in the charts below.

2016-17 Student Performance

This section describes student performance in various test subject areas.   Student test performance is reported as one of five achievement levels . Levels 1 and 2 are below grade level. Level 3 is at grade level. Levels 4 and 5 indicate college and career readiness.

Biology Performance

English II Performance

Math Performance

NC Math I Performance

English Language Arts/ Reading Performance

Science Performance

2016-17 Teachers and Qualifications

This section provides information on teachers and their qualifications.

Average Number of Teachers

Fully Licensed Teachers Percent

Teachers with Advanced Degrees

Nationally Board Certified Average per School

One Year Teacher Turnover Rate

Teacher Experience by School Type 






2016-17 Principals and Qualifications

This section provides information on principals and their qualifications.

Years of Experience as Principal 

One Year Principal Turnover 

DistrictNorth Carolina

Principals with Advanced Degrees 

DistrictNorth Carolina

2016-17 School Environment

This section provides information on the school environment and facilities.

Access to Technology

DistrictNorth Carolina
0.8 students per device1.0 students per device

School Attendance Percent

ElementaryMiddleHighK-12 SchoolK-8 School
Lenoir County Public S94.1%94%94.1%94.1%94%
North Carolina94.6%94.6%94.6%95.4%95.3%

Suspensions and Expulsions (per 100 Students)

Short-term SuspensionsLong-term SuspensionsExpulsions
K-12 School91.300
K-8 School13.0700

Criminal Acts per 100 Students

2016-17 Financial Data

This section provides information on the school funding and expenditures.

Per Pupil Source of Funding

Use of Funds